Borettana Cipollini


Yellow, Mild, OP

  • 30 Bunches of Borettana Cipollini Onion Plants (1500-2250 plants)
  • Long day specialty onion variety
  • Yellow, Flat Shape, Mild, Open Pollinated Heirloom
  • Plant 2″ apart for cute shish-ka-bob onions
  • Size Potential: 3″
  • Storage Potential: 5 months
  • Days to Harvest: 105

Borettana Cipollini is not available at wholesale price, but can be purchased at retail price.

Retail lot prices per case are:

1 Case 2 – 9 Cases 10+ Cases
$94.50 $89.25 $84.00


Borrettana Cipollini onions are often referred to as summer mini onions. These pretty little Italian onions from Boretto, Italy have a flattened spherical shape and look just like rosy-bronze glossy buttons, each about 1-3″ diameter and 1″ thick. When cooked, Borrettana Cipollini onions really sweeten up and caramelize to a beautiful color. A unique offering for farmers’ markets. Ideal for braiding.