Frequently Asked Questions

What varieties should we order?

You should order varieties that are the right day length for your area. This will help ensure that your customers have the best growing success. See map below, and read more about Onions by region here.

When should we order onion plants to have available for our customers?

Depending on your ZIP Code, we have recommended planting weeks based on location. It is calculated based on 6 weeks before the last average frost in your area. We recommend wholesalers order their plants for roughly 1 week before your area should be planting so your customers can plant onions on time.

How to keep the plants healthy?

Ventilation is crucial to keep plants healthy. In transit, moisture can build up in the center of the plants due to lack of ventilation in transit and the variations in temperature through the transportation system. Spread the bunches out outside of the box if possible. Plants can survive in a cool, dry environment for 4-6 weeks. If the tops start to dry out, you can trim them up as needed.

What to do once your plants arrive?

Store them in a cool and dry location. Never water or place them in water. Dry plants are healthy plants!

How early can we place our order?

You can start reserving your orders in early October. Orders can be placed anytime, but must be received by Wednesday noon for the following ship week.

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