30 Bunch Case
White, Sweet, OP

Dixondale Farms exclusive!

  • 30 Bunches of Ringmaster Onion Plants (1400-1800 plants)
  • White, Globe Shape, Mild, Open Pollinated
  • Improved White Sweet Spanish.
  • Size Potential: 5″
  • Storage Potential: 4-5 months
  • Days to Harvest: 100



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Ringmaster onions have large bulbs with firm white rings surrounding a single center. The sweet and mild flavor is perfect for cooking, and of course, making delicious fried onion rings. The firm white bulbs have a mild flesh and dark green tops just right for green onions. Ringmaster onions are resistant to foliar disease. It is the favorite for onion rings since it has single centers and large, crisp rings. With its large, dark green tops, it is also a favorite for green onions.