30 Bunch Case
Red, Storage, Hybrid

  • 30 Bunches of Redwing Onion Plants (1400-1800 plants)
  • Red, Globe Shape, Slightly Pungent, Hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3-4″
  • Storage Potential: 8-10 months
  • Days to Harvest: 120




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Redwing onions are the most popular long day red onion grown by commercial growers. Simply the best long day red onion grown in the Northern areas. Deep internal red color continues to develop during storage. May not do well in southern portions of the long day areas since this is a true long day and does require at least 15 hours of daylength to bulb. Redwing onions are slightly more pungent than Red Zeppelin. Resistant to foliar disease and bolting.