Red Zeppelin


Red, Storage, Hybrid

  • 530 Bunches of Red Zeppelin Onion Plants (1400-1800 plants)
  • Dark Red, Globe Shape, Slightly Pungent, Hybrid
  • Dixondale Exclusive!
  • Size Potential: 3-4″
  • Storage Potential: 6-8 months
  • Days to Harvest: 100-110

Red Zeppelin is not available at wholesale price, but can be purchased at retail price.

Retail lot prices per case are:

1 Case 2 – 9 Cases 10+ Cases 20+ Cases
$106.00 $100.50 $94.75 $88.75


Not only is it brilliantly colored throughout, but Red Zeppelin onions will store up to 8 months! Red Zeppelin onions have the best storage potential out of all our long day sweet varieties. This long day hybrid onion plant produces large, round, richly dark red to purple onions with a slightly pungent flavor that will add attractive color to any dish. When left to fully mature, this onion will have intense purplish rings throughout. The Red Zeppelin onion offers a balanced combination of flavor and shelf life. However, this onion will do much better in the northern portions of long day areas since it is a late maturing variety. When allowed to fully mature, this onion will have intense red rings throughout.